MSN adCenter 3.0 Demo in New York

The Dallas Search Marketing Blog has documented a review of the First Public Demo of MSN adCenter 3.0. MSN sent Celena Kingson, Search Marketing Specialist and Robyn Raybould, Search Marketing Analyst to present adCenter to the group. Jack Spirko, who wrote this review, listed five features that make MSN adCenter stand out.

  1. Dynamic Keyword Insertion beyond Google AdWords: She explains that you can “set up to three dynamic parameters that allow you additional control over you ad copy and even allow for dynamic destination URLs.”
  2. Extensive Demographic Data: This allows you to tailor your ads based on demographics and not just keyword phrases and geographic data.
  3. Bid Based on Demographics: You can place a higher bid on a keyword phrase for a searcher who is 26-35 year old males, as an example.
  4. Estimate Average Positions: Unlike Yahoo which shows max bids, and unlike Google that makes it very hard to know a rank, MSN enables you to see estimated position based on max bid and CTR of each ad creative.
  5. Day Parting Bid Tools: You can “display your ads on specific days of the week, specific times of day or a combination of each.”

I personally was unable to make the demonstration, but I am glad they accounted for what took place.

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