Google Launched Google Research Blog

Philipp Lenssen located a new Google Blog, at, which will be a blog written by some of the smartest people at Google. In the opening blog entry Peter Norvig, Director, Google Research describes who works in Google Research.

So who are we? We’re experts in machine translation who came here to work with the largest corpus of bilingual and monolingual text ever assembled. We’re experts in machine learning algorithms who came to work on one of the world’s largest computing clusters. We’re researchers in natural language, vision, security, human-computer interaction, and a dozen other fields who came to help a user base of hundreds of millions of people. And we’re working side by side with the engineering team — not in a separate building or site. Some of us are launching projects on this week and wearing pagers, and some of us are working on goals for the year 2020.

Yea, Google has about a hundred Google Blogs. There is the main Google Blog, the AdWords API Blog, Blogger Buzz, Google Base Blog, Google Blog (China), Google Blog (Korea), Google Enterprise Blog, Google Code, Google Maps API Blog, Google Reader Blog, Google Talkabout, Google Video Blog, Inside AdSense, Inside AdWords, Inside Google Desktop, and Inside Google Sitemaps. If you want one place to track them all, just use Phillip’s Google’s Blogs ‘n More page. Oh, Phillip’s “Google’s Blogs ‘n More ” contains many of the Google employee blogs, I believe.

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