Tagging SES NY 2006

I’m sort of known for being dubious about how tagging might help general
searching. But I’m pretty positive about it as a way to help people collectively
organize information around events. So without further adieu, I’d like to
propose this common tag for those wishing to blog, bookmark or photo share stuff
out of next week’s monster Search Engine Strategies show in New York:


For Flickr,
, Yahoo My Web (and
most other sites supporting tagging), just use that single word to tag whatever
content you want to share about the event.

Also use that word for Technorati as a
category for your blog posts. Don’t categorize posts or can’t use that word because it
clashes with your own category system, as is the case with our blog? Then just
add this link
anywhere in your post:

More on tagging for Technorati is covered
here. FYI, Technorati’s not
reading our posts correctly, so you won’t see this or a few others tagged yet.
They’re aware of the problem and apparently working on it.

Want to find the forthcoming tagged SES NY 2006 content? Here’s what we’ll be adding to the bottom
our own posts about the show next week:

Want more SES NY 2006 news? Technorati has blog reports here:
. See
shared photos on Flickr here:
. See bookmarked pages on del.icio.us here:
sesny2006. See saved pages on
Yahoo My Web 2.0 here:

. Find live coverage and discussion at the Search Engine Watch
Forums here:
SEM Events

Just click on any of those links, and you’ll get the material listed. And if
you like the idea, feel free to copy the links for your own blog or site.

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