Reports from Search Engine Strategies New York: Day Four

Day four has been over for about four hours now. I just got back to my home and I wanted to post the session coverage. I hope the snow does not cause too many delays or cancellations for the record setting number in attendance at this SES NYC 2006.

+ Local Search Marketing Tactics
+ Organic Listings Forum
+ Measuring Success Overview
+ Earning From Search & Contextual Ads
+ Meet The Crawlers
+ SEO Overkill
+ Search and Phone Calls

That concludes the SES NYC 2006 blog coverage. I would like to thank Ben Pfeiffer, Chris Boggs and Lee Odden for helping me out with the coverage. If you want to look at what we look like, if you are curious, you can find a picture of us here.

Want more SES NY 2006 news? Technorati has blog reports here: . See shared photos on Flickr here: sesny2006. See bookmarked pages on here: sesny2006. See saved pages on Yahoo My Web 2.0 here: sesny2006. Find live coverage and discussion at the Search Engine Watch Forums here: SEM Events.

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