Something Else the RIAA Doesn’t ‘Get’: Podcasts

ituneswhichipodc20060212.gif Fausto Fernos and his partner produce Feast of Fools. It’s the top-ranked gay podcast on iTunes where it also ranks as one of the top-20 all-time comedy podcasts. “Fools” was also among the first podcasts with a major media corporate sponsor.

Fausto got in touch after reading an older column on the RIAA suing its customers — and destroying pop music’s branding proposition in the process. What he rightly points out is that the RIAA is closing the door on a major marketing opportunity — while opening it wide for their rivals.

“We loathe and fear being sued by the RIAA so we completely avoid mentioning or playing any of their clients music on our program,” fumes Fausto, “We feature 100% independent musicians on our show, who are greatful for the exposure because it actually helps to sell their music on the iTunes Music Store. We never play the entire track and actualy profit from selling the music (we make 5% commision on all iTunes clickthroughs from our site.)

According to Fausto, Feast of Fools reaches tens of thousands of listeners worldwide, including an audience that’s unreachable through conventional media due to geographic distance. “We have listeners in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, as well as in the United States and Canada,” he says.

Oh, and that major corporate sponsor? HBO — part of the same media conglomerate that once-upon-a-time owned Warner Music.

Go figure.

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