Google Filings Against DOJ Request — Including Declaration From Matt Cutts

I’m planning a deeper look at Google’s rejection of the Department Of Justice
search records
, which happened last week when I was on vacation. But a quick head’s
up. Many of you may have seen Google’s blog post on the subject

, which in turn leads to their formal filing
(PDF). But that wasn’t the only filing. Catching up on my feeds this morning, I
saw that Gary compiled a full list of Google filings over

(PDF). My eyebrows shot-up when I saw Google’s Matt Cutts had a long
declaration as part
of that package. I was planning to help spread the word more about this as part
of an overall summary of what’s in the various summaries, but Matt himself beat
me to it with this blog
So happy reading! I’ll still be working on that general summary of everything
hopefully for later this week.

NOTE: This was originally written on Feb. 22, but I’ve only just seen that it was left as a “draft” and never published. Sorry about that!

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