No Credit Card Merchant Account? No Problem! How I Can Now Get Paid With Google Payments

Google is now allowing select Google Base users to use Google Payments as a substitute to a merchant account. The best way to describe Google Payments is calling it a PayPal alternative. I have been accepted to allow accept funds at Google Base with Google Payments. The set up was fairly easy, even thought I am not 100% done with the final verification of my bank account. I have wrote two articles on the process, the first is named Accepted by Google Base to Sell Through Google Payments, which describes how I set up my Google Base account to allow Google Payments payment option. The second article is named Buying and Accepting Payments at Google Base, which shows the process of a customer buying an item at Google base with Google Payments and then the back-end Google Base Dashboard processing of the Google Payment.

A couple of weeks ago we did post on A Look at Google Payments in Action that had a link to the TechCrunch screen captures. But this time, I personally was able to access it and I took my own screen captures.

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