Esther on Goodmail

Tech investor Esther Dyson weighs in on the AOL/Goodmail debate with an editorial in the New York Times (registration req.) today. Venerable blogger Dave Winer calls the editorial “spot on” and gets a bunch of comments (including some from Goodmail). This is a debate that probably won’t die down soon given the involvement of and, now, a California legislator.

UPDATE: Esther’s really got people talking:

  • Fred Wilson says: “Is money a good solution to spam? I don’t think so because spam is not limited to email. It is the scourge of every open system on the Internet. You get Google spam, blog spam, comment spam, trackback spam, etc, etc.”
  • Jason Chervokas says: “Tacking on fees (and taxes in the case of municipalities) as a means of changing business or consumer behavior rarely works, always engenders anger and inconvenience, and drives up cost of living for everybody.”

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