Google Health To Cure The World?

Garett Rogers reports of a recent Google hire, Adam Bosworth, with the title “Architect, Google Health.” Garett asks, what would the Architect, Google Health do at Google? I have read some speculation that Google’s enormous database can potential cure the world of illnesses. It can help be a predictive gauge for diseases to come, as well. This is all just speculation, but based on Bosworth’s background, something may be up at Google.

PostScript: I wanted to do a follow up on this entry, because I was not able to provide sufficient time to it early.

There are many health related search engines out there. Here is a round up of some of the health related vertical search from some of the big players and he small.

1) Conduct a search on influenza at, notice the Smart Answer built in.
2) Try Yahoo also, a search on influenza shows you a Yahoo Shortcut result from the portal.
3) Medline Plus contains health information from the National Library of Medicine. There are over 700 diseases and topics updated by experts here and some excellent detailed health tutorials.

Also, Dean Giustini has a good write up on how Google is changing medicine.

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