Yahoo Launches Local News Beta

Search Engine Journal reports that Yahoo News has launched a local beta version. For example, you can go to to check out local news in New York. I do not currently see an RSS feed for local news results. There is a link to “Suggest a Local News Source” that takes you here. I am a big fan of Yahoo’s local efforts, especially at but these local news headlines can be done better, in my opinion.

Postscript From Danny:
Want to see all the local news available? Visit the Yahoo Local News home page here. You should see a map of the US with a drop down option to choose a state, then a local news area. Don’t panic if that page then suddenly refreshes to automatically take you to a particular area. If that happens, look in the lower right-hand side of the page. You’ll see a “Browse More Local News” area with the map and the drop-down box.

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