Google Updated Video Player

Garett Rogers also has the scoop on Google updating the Google Video player to version The most noticeable changes are;

+ Clickable frame-by-frame display
+ Cleaner user interface, “particularly the menubar”
+ Added Alt-key shortcuts for every menu item

Here is the full list of updated features and bug fixes on Google Video Player

+ Rendering optimizations, including support for DirectX
+ Rendering optimizations in OpenGL (display lists)
+ Upgraded to Qt 4.1 (i.e. performance improvements)
+ Initialization optimization (sparse files)
+ Provided Alt-key shortcuts for every menu item
+ Fixed clicking on volume control, but not on slider thumb
+ Improved login robustness (retry logic)
+ Fixed installer license text
+ Fixed several hangs and crashes
+ Fixed audio stuttering on low-end devices
+ Better error handling, including disk space check
+ Better seeks, including true frame-by-frame display
+ Polished the GUI, particularly the menubar

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