ShopLocal Wins In Crawling Case Against Cairo

Apparently, wasn’t
happy with rival local shopping search service
for hitting its listings. ShopLocal took Cairo to court, and Cairo has
now agreed not to make further "robotic or other automated" visits to
ShopLocal’s site, ShopLocal says.

You’ll find some background on Cairo from us
here back in
2004. The following year, the Wall Street Journal
found Cairo
to be better than ShopLocal. If that was because Cairo had everything ShopLocal
had from crawling the site and more from crawling others, then it’s no surprise
that ShopLocal decided to block access.

For more on the case, has a few more

along with the case numbers.

Below is the statement ShopLocal sent with the news:

ShopLocal announced today that it has resolved the lawsuit it filed against
Cairo, Inc. late last year in the United States District Court for the
Northern District of Illinois. As part of the resolution of the litigation,
Cairo agreed to an order of the court preventing it from making further
robotic or other automated access to ShopLocal’s computers or websites, and
Cairo has acknowledged ShopLocal?s proprietary rights in its content. The
other terms of the settlement agreement are confidential. The current lawsuit
follows an earlier California federal court case in which a court found that
Cairo was bound by the terms of use on ShopLocal?s website making Illinois the
appropriate venue for the litigation. ShopLocal?s chief executive officer
Brian Hand said ?We are very pleased we were able to reach this resolution as
the protection of our proprietary content is of utmost importance to our

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