Pepsi: Combine Media and Brand Relevance

pepsi.jpgPepsi gets that they’re not in control.

Anotonio Lucio, SVP insights and innovation, is talking CGM right now at the Conference on Marketing. He showed a consumer-generated karaoke video which he claims is the “most ownloaded commercial video ever.” (Hear that, Carl Jr.’s?).

Lucio’s exhorting marketers to, “Create a bond by combining professional and amateur work in your message. Understand the contact will be interactive. The content will be used and be recreated. There will be an element of losing control. Create an environment in which you set some limits. You need tools on the media side that focus on interoperability. Get the nuggets of [consumer] brilliance and push it out as part of your brand message.”

Takeaway: Combine brand relevance with media relevance.

He just showed a commercial Pepsi will release next year that is made to be mashed-up, complete with a suite of interactive online tools.

Lucio: “Those are the choices that you make as a leader — as a challenger.”

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