Some New Video Search & Sharing Sites

Searchforvideo is a relatively new web-wide video search site you might want to check
out, while Guba and VideoEgg are two other video sites that will be of interest
to those who want to share video or see what others have contributed. More
details below:

Searchforvideo allows you to
keyword search for video content from across the web. You can subscribe to RSS
feeds of your searches, so you can be updated when new content matching your
query is found. You can also browse subjects by topic, as listed above the
search box on the home page. Got your own video content you want included?
Submit your feed here.

Guba, which has allowed you to locate
video posted to Usenet, has now opened an
uploading service
. Similar to YouTube or
Google Video, you can upload your own
content, then others can search through what’s been contributed. Uploaded video
is converted to Flash, iPod and PSP formats. While part of Guba is a
subscription-based service, searching and viewing uploaded content is supposed
to be free.

VideoEgg is similar to Guba, in that
you can upload and share video. SiliconBeat

that the service is now allowing publishers to upload content in a
variety of formats, where it can be hosted and then played back on their own
sites. Unfortunately, there’s no way to search through VideoEgg-hosted content
at the moment, that I can see.

Postscript: Actually, Searchforvideo’s been
out since
October, but the RSS feeds are apparently a new feature.

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