Melody and her Webcam

Paging all online word-of-mouth fetishists: YouTube user bowiechick (actual name: Melody) has been videoblogging about David Bowie and her Logitech webcam on YouTube. Seventeen videos, all recorded with the device, have been viewed tens of thousands of times. Not often do you stumble across a case study showing CGM product buzz on such a large scale. Must be a great camera.

Nod to ZDNet, which also spotted this one today.

Update: Melody’s now aware of the buzz she hath wrought. From her blog:

I called Nancy Morrison from Logitech today. She said they really love my videos. They aren’t going to pay me (which I don’t care about) but it’s cool because she said that if I ever see something I really want from Logitech, I can just contact her. Isn’t that nice? I would feel greedy asking for something, but then again I guess I helped them make a bunch of money and that is something most people are payed for. And hey, I should take advantage of this. I will find something I REALLY want first… Then later I called some guy from a San Fransisco news thing. This whole thing is so weird.

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