Ballmer: My Kids Are Banned From Google

I’ve got to hand it to Microsoft CEO
. He believes in his products enough to demand family loyalty. In an

with Fortune, he tells the magazine:

My children–in many dimensions they’re as poorly behaved as many other
children, but at least on this dimension I’ve got my kids brainwashed: You
don’t use Google, and you don’t use an iPod.

Of course, perhaps brainwashed is a telling word. Better that they were
convinced that using Windows Live Search (TSEFKAMS – The Search Engine Formerly
Known As MSN Search) is better. Brainwashed sounds like they know it’s not but
have been mindwiped to ignore the fact.

The interview also touches on the
AOL deal that
Microsoft wanted and Google got. Rather than say AOL made a mistake, Ballmer
pushes the idea that Microsoft will be big in the new era of advertising, since
computers will know you better.

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