Matt Cutts Offers Q & A On Recent Google Questions

Matt Cutts posted a blog entry yesterday answering some of the questions he have received over and over again in regards to the “Big Daddy” update, supplemental results issues, the RK value and some other questions. Here are some pulled from Matt’s blog

Q: ?Is Bigdaddy fully deployed??
A: Yes, I believe every data center now has the Bigdaddy upgrade in software infrastructure, as of this weekend.

Q: ?Any new word on sites that were showing more supplemental results??
A: An additional crawling change to show more sites from those sites was checked in late last week, but it may still take a little bit of time (another few days) for that to show up in the index. I?ll keep an eye on sites that people have given as examples to see how those sites are showing up.

Q: ?Is the RK parameter turned off, or should we expect to see it again??
A: I wouldn?t expect to see the RK parameter have a non-zero value again.

Q: ?Seriously, How do you plan on picking which of these questions to answer??
A: I?m tackling the ones that looked interesting, short, and general enough that more than one person would be interested.

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