Dulance Dies, While StreetPrices Has Cool Product Tree View

Brian Smith at ComparisonEngines.com

that the
Dulance shopping search engine seems to be gone. I certainly can’t reach it at
Dulance.com. Meanwhile, Autumn Looijen
over at StreetPrices reaches out for
a bit of link love for her shopping search engine, which she says has been
around since 1997. OK, I’ll bite. A quickie search for
treo 650
looks OK and nice that I can narrow to a specific

, such as the Treo as cell phone rather than Treo accessories.

Narrow in
, and you can even see little price charts over time. But what
drove me over the edge to give it a mention was tree view. Look at how you can
see everything related to the Treo 650 in this

. Nice!

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