Google’s New Local Business Ads

Google has launched, as expected, Local Business Ads. The official overview page from Google can be found here. ClickZ has their write up here and over here. I am sure you have questions, such as how do I get my logo in the local results? Well here are three useful answers for you…

First one;

You can create a new local business ad at any time by following these steps:
(1) Log in to your AdWords account at
(2) Click the keyword-targeted campaign that contains the Ad Group you want to edit.
(3) Click the appropriate Ad Group.
(4) Click the Create New Local Business Ad link.
(5) Identify the Google Local business listing you want to advertise. If you don’t have a listing, learn how to add your business to our local listings.
(6) Enter your description lines and URL. (The business name, address, and phone number of your business will be automatically taken from Google Local.)
(7) Choose a business icon. The icon you choose will appear for all local business ads in the campaign.
(8) Optional: Upload a business image to appear in the info window that expands from your map marker.
(9) Click Save Ad.

Second one;

Each local business ad can include an image. The image you upload for your local business ad will display in the info window that expands from the map marker associated with your ad.

Please follow these guidelines and requirements for local business ad images:
– Dimensions: 125×125 pixels maximum
– File size: 20k maximum
– File types: JPG, GIF, PNG
– Format limitations: All images must be static (no animation, flash or other rich formats)
– Other restrictions: The image may be a logo or photo that relates to your business. All images will be – reviewed by an AdWords Specialist. Regardless of your business type, images must be appropriate for all audiences.

Third one;

The map marker for each local business ads contains a business icon. You can choose an icon from a list provided during local business ad creation. The icon is set at the campaign level, so all ads within one campaign will display the same icon.

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