How To Add Your Local Business Ad In Google AdWords

I just posted about Google’s New Local Business Ads, but this entry is going to take you step by step on how I added my icon and logo to my company’s, RustyBrick, listing.

I logged into my Google AdWords Account, which was also linked to the Google account I used to update my local business listing. I was presented with a link to “Create New Local Business Ad”, which looked like;


I clicked on that link and moved on to a page that asked to help identify my company. The page was a form prefilled with my company’s information, so I clicked continue below the form. Here is a screen capture;


Google found one listed and asked me to confirm this listing before preceding, so I did, here is that screen;


The next screen asked me to create my ad, and it showed me a preview of the ad, as I create it, much like how normal ads work in AdWords. It looked like;


Part of this screen, they asked me to pick a map icon, here is the dhtml pop up of icon choices;


I then uploaded my logo and clicked save, which took me back to the ad preview page for both my listings (i.e. normal ad and geoad);


So I clicked on edit ad, under the geo ad, and was presented with the full view on the AdWords management screen;


Here is a view of my listing on Google Local Maps;


When I click on that windmill logo, it brings up my image ad portion;


No, I did not click on my ad, and I hope you guys don’t either. That is the reason I did not link directly to the Google Local result. :)

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