More On Google Health & Bosworth’s Involvement

Philipp Lenssen writes of an “anonymous” source that tells him Google has a project named “Google Health.” Google Health supposedly building out specialized vertical search solutions for health and medical searches, the similar to how Google handles other vertical searches. The source told him that he got the impression that Google was going to “build a self-diagnostic aid.” In our past coverage we note of several engines that already have specialized health and medical search features. It is also important to note that Google has yet to respond to our questions about the Google Health project or if Bosworth is involved with that or has the title because he oversees the “health” of Google’s tech systems.

Postscript: A reader sends us this note suggesting Google Health is indeed real and Bosworth is involved:

Bosworth was one of the Googlers who came to a recruitment drive at my university and introduced himself as “working on Google Health” or something like that. When I asked him what Google Health was, he said they “didn’t know yet” but the kind of stuff he mentioned seemed to point towards a self-diagnosing thing, and how Google has all this information about medical stuff, and people go there for information anyway. He quickly changed the subject thoough, so unfortunately can’t tell you much. But thought you might want to know that it seems Bosworth is indeed involved.

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