Google Related Links Now Out; Challenges Yahoo’s Year-Old Y!Q Links

Google Blogoscoped
spots a new
Google Labs release,
Google Related Links. We wrote
about these
last month, but there was no way for people to get them then for their
own sites. Now you can.

The service puts a little box on your page where Google analyzes the content
to show related searches, news and web pages to your visitors. And for helping
promote Google in this way, you get …. a little box to put on your page.

Well, it’s not like Yahoo’s paying you either to put Y!Q links on your pages.
Y!Q — I prefer to
write it YQ — puts a link on your page allowing people to search for related
content. You know, sort of like Google’s just done, only Yahoo did it
a year ago.

In a face-off between the two, I guess I like that Google gives you the
option of up to three types of related material: searches, web pages and news
rather than just web search. But be aware that YQ has a ton of developer options
you can dig into.

Also be aware that despite being out for a year, you’re hardly stumbling over
YQ links across the web. Maybe Google will have that ever so more cool factor
that picks up adoption. I’d personally be more inclined if it helped me direct
users to find related content on my own site. YQ does have a
allowing this. However, it involved going into the API which leaves little old
non-programmer me thinking it far too much work to play with.

Meanwhile, Google
certainly is easier to install. YQ wants me to put stuff in the header area of
my pages, which sucks since I might not want to have YQ on every page. You also
have to associate YQ with sections of text, rather than just slap it up on a
page and let it figure things out automatically. Too much work for me.

Google Related Links FAQ
here; YQ FAQ
here. An example of
Google Related Links is also shown below:


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