Google Real Estate? It’s Google Base Again, Google’s Vertical Play

New reports
of Google Real Estate are simply what we’ve
covered before,
Google Base results flowing into regular Google. But it’s interesting to see how
Google’s delivering on the promise of Google
as the engine that drives a variety of vertical search engines, plus
how it’s skipping the step of creating standalone sites for each vertical. I
think those will still come, but the current moves that underscores what I’ve
been saying to marketers for ages now — pay attention to vertical search.

In the

longer version
of this post, I do a closer look at things such as:

  • What exactly vertical search is and why we call it that
  • How vertical search is part of the third generational jump to improve
  • Why the latest Google Base integration is part of the
    / vertical
    change marketers must understand
  • How Google Base will remain the master submission site for future
    verticals on Google, as I

You can expect to hear about more Google vertical search services that don’t
exist as standalone sites, as
Google Recipes!
Google Careers! Google Confusion! The UI Madness Continues
previously from
me covers more. Now Steve Rubel blogs about
, and as Nathan Weinberg rightly

points out
, there’s a variety of other verticals you’ll likely see pop-up.
Meanwhile, there are people going to Google Base directly, and Hitwise has new

up showing where they head after that (most to shopping sites).

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