MSN Search Goes Down

Uh oh. MSN Search is dead
at Threadwatch covers MSN Search being down. Nearly three hours later, I checked
and got the home page, but trying a search gave me this error message:

This service is currently unavailable

Our team is working to restore service as quickly as possible. Please try
your request again later.

No news on the MSN Search Weblog
about what’s going on. Will postscript here if I hear more. See, these things
don’t happen with 32 bit
. Actually, Google’s had a few outages, but nothing this long and
usually due to outside factors. Some background on those examples is covered

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Postscript by Barry: The Wall Street Journal has word from MSN with the following;

A Microsoft spokesman said the outage began at about 8 a.m. Pacific time. At noon, the service was still down, but shortly afterward began working again.

The spokesman said company technicians have been working on the problem, but have not yet concluded what caused the shutdown in the first place.

The Seattle PI also has some details here with the statement.

Postscript by Barry: MSN Search blog has posted a statement on Friday, April 7th. They first apologized and then said that they have “disabled the speller function” for the time being. So, one would assume the speller function has something to do with the outage.

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