Google Maps API Version 2 Released

Google announced earlier this week that the new version two of the Google Maps API is now available. There is now no daily API call limit to Google Maps and if they do put ads in the maps, they will notify you 90-days prior via the blog. Other features include;

– Much smaller JavaScript download. The new Maps API JavaScript file is about half the size of the old JavaScript file, which should improve user experience on your web site.
– Two additional satellite zoom levels. Increased imagery resolution and coverage in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Japan, Europe, and almost every major city in the world.
– Overview map. Our new GOverviewMapControl control displays an attractive and collapsible map in the corner of the screen.
– Extensibility and a new GMap2 class. The GMap2 interface has been redesigned to allow API users to extend it. We now have documented ways of creating custom map controls, custom overlays, and even custom map types.
– Fewer memory leaks. The API now includes a GUnload method that you can call in the unload event of your page to destroy most circular references, including those formed implicitly during event registration. On Google Maps, this has virtually eliminated memory leaks in IE.
– Debugging log. A simple, floating debug window used internally by the Google Maps engineering team allows you to print debug information easily without blocking program execution or interfering with the UI. Just replace your alert() calls with GLog.write().
– Last but not least, a GLatLng class that is distinct from GPoint. You no longer need to reverse your latitude and longitude to construct a geographic point!

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