Google Effect Of Domain Name Expiration & Change Of Ownership

Last Friday, I wrote about the perceived issues with changing ownership of a domain and the impact it can have on the Web sites Google ranking. New domain names are typically known not to do all that well in the Google results. So SEOs tend to buy used domain names before they expire and put up new sites on those domain names. Of course, this is a way to get around, what is typically known as the Google Sandbox. But does that solve the issue? Well, from Google’s standpoint, they want to close out that “loophole.”

Is that why Google became a registrar? They can now follow change of ownership and expired domain names with pure data. But this can be problematic. What happens when Jupiter Media sells this site’s domain name to Incisive, will this site suffer in the Google Web results? What about the hundreds of companies that buy other companies, each day? I have asked Google for a comment on this, but have not received a response. Danny and I won’t stop trying to get more information from Google on this.

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