RealClear Win Win will be serving up its political commentary daily in the opinion section of Yahoo! News. Yahoo! already features links to opinion headlines and posts from,, The Nation, The Weekly Standard and Wonkette among others. Syndicated columnists and political cartoons get the Yahoo! nod, too.

The thing is that unlike some of the more robust opinion sites like HuffingtonPost or Wonkette, RealClearPolitics is better known for its own ability to aggregate links to the hottest political stories from across the Web. Its opinion is a small portion of its content.

The deal’s bound to raise exposure for RCP, but the content lives within the Yahoo! domain and is framed as such. Still, it’s branded as RCP content and on full opinion post pages users can link to stories on the actual RCP site.

All in all, a good way for RCP to promote its content and a good way for Yahoo! to create more ad pages and keep readers glued to its site. Political commentary content will be even more popular in the coming months as the political scene gears up for the November elections.

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