New Global Satellite and Aerial Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

Yahoo has beefed up its Yahoo Maps beta with several new features, including more comprehensive and detailed coverage than most of its competitors. Yahoo says Yahoo Maps now offers complete, detailed maps and high-resolution satellite imagery for all of lower 48 United States.

Also new are medium resolution maps for the entire globe, featuring images at 15 meters per pixel (zoom level 5, medium resolution), which essentially lets you find and see every city, town, and major land feature in the world. Yahoo says this makes it the most comprehensive mapping and satellite imagery service available, at least for now.

Yahoo has also cleaned up the data you see, processing the satellite imagery to make the visuals more aesthetically pleasing. This means you’ll no longer see uneven seams where images are joined, missing imagery or strange colors.

All of the new imagery is available for anyone to use on websites, for mashups or other uses through the Yahoo Maps API.

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