Revenues Up, Profits Down But Yahoo Meets Earnings Expectations

Yahoo reported a 22 percent drop in first quarter profits but met the
expected earnings forecast.
Yahoo profit
slumps 22% in quarter
from the New York Times has more details on
yesterday’s earnings call. Search and branding advertising revenue (sadly, they
get lumped together)
rose 35 percent.

Yahoo also said it had a 15 to 20 percent gain in search
queries in the quarter, to counter
stats from comScore showing Yahoo is losing
share. There’s some spin here I’ll explore more later this week, when I do my
stats review.

The short answer is this. Query growth is up across the board, comScore says. So sure, Yahoo will have a gain in NUMBER of queries. But the
share of overall queries, according to comScore, has dropped. If that share had
stayed steady, then query growth would have been even more.

Note that in a fast
look I did at the latest NetRatings figures (older ones
here), Yahoo’s actually still looking pretty
steady even in recent months. Again, I’ll have more on that soon.

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