Chris Pirillo Search Podcasts From SES NY & Googlefasting

I’m belated in getting a link up to Chris Pirillo’s many podcasts he did out of
the Search Engine Strategies show last month. He talked with a ton of people on
a huge number of topics, which you’ll find listed
here. I
really enjoyed

talking with him
about his

project, where he found
he could
live without
Google, but he
want to
. We discussed how people can get into a habit of using any service,
and they don’t necessarily want to "kick" that habit if the service works well
and they trust it. That’s the big challenge for any search engine to win users
away from another service. As I’ve long said, it’s not that you have to be
better. You also have to hope the other search engine is doing noticeably worse
or bad by its users.

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