Digital Impact to become Acxiom Digital

acxiom-small.gifIn a move that’s likely to surprise few, e-mail marketing player Digital Impact is finally taking its acquirer’s name, after it joined Acxiom last year. As of today, the division will now be called Acxiom Digital.

In addition, Acxiom Digital has a new president, Kevin H. Johnson, who was formerly VP of products and marketing for Digital Impact. The former CEO, William Park, now heads up Acxiom’s InfoBase data business, Acxiom Direct, and Acxiom Digital.

On the product side, Acxiom Digital will continue to offer e-mail, search, RSS and landing page development. It’s also branching out into lead generation, having recently launched Johnson insists the company’s sites will provide valuable content and utility for Web visitors, instead of being solely vehicles for lead gathering. The HealthCareers site, which lists only Sanford-Brown institutions currently, is the first in Acxiom Digital’s first target segment, education. More sites and verticals are on the way, said Johnson, though he declined to elaborate.

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