Google Revenues Up

Google’s first quarter revenues are in, $2.25 billion, up 79 percent compared
to the same time last year and 17 percent over last quarter. Net income was 62
percent higher than last quarter, various sources calculate.

The Rundown

  • Revenue from Google-owned sites was 58 percent; Google network sites made
    up 41 percent; the remaining 1 percent is either a rounding issue or non-ad
  • Non-US revenue was 42 percent.
  • Traffic Acquisition Costs were 32 percent, down from 33 percent last
  • Net income was $592 million, compared to $372 million last quarter.
  • Cash in the bank: $8.43 billion.
  • Employees: 6,790, up from 5,680 at the end of last quarter.
  • Animals Harmed During The Production Of Google: None. (Just seeing if you
    all are paying attention!)

Official Resources


  • Google Grows Q1 Revenue
    62 Percent, Expands More Globally
    : The numbers from ClickZ, with news that
    international growth was lead by Scandinavia and Europe generally; that CPM-based
    contextual ads aren’t reaching the price keyword-targeted ads get (no surprise
    there); that Google
    may do more branded/display ads on Google sites, though perhaps not within
  • Current AdSense Publisher
    Cut from Google Figures
    : Threadwatch highlights that publishers got a tiny
    bit less of the Google cash.

  • Google’s Ad-Grabbing Pushes Profit Up 60%
    : Puts Google’s revenues in
    perspective with the overall ad market and how Google expect to continue
    growing as more money moves online.

  • Google Lost A $Billion In Unspent Ads

    Inside Google, BuyGoogle highlights that advertisers want to spend
    even more with Google but can’t. They can’t, of course, because the search
    inventory really isn’t there. Two things will solve this problem for Google,
    FYI. First, prices will continue to rise. Second, Google will continue going
    offline to try and help those advertisers spend their money.
  • Earnings: GOOG Q1
    Call: No Plans To Monetize Google Base
    : PaidContent covers how Google
    doesn’t plan to turn Google Base into a new paid inclusion system.

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