Google AdWords Broad Match To Act Differently For Commercial, Non-Commercial Terms

Depending on broad match or phrase match to get listed on Google? A new tweak
to Google AdWords means that in some cases, that might no longer get your ad
listed as in the past.

quality and you
from the Inside AdWords blog from Google covers the change.
For queries that are less commercial in nature, broad matching is becoming more
conservative, less likely to put some advertisers on Google’s search results

The upshot for users, Google says, is less likelihood of getting irrelevant
ads. For advertisers, it means that for those ads where you absolutely,
positively want to show up, exact match is the way to go.

What about commercially-oriented queries? In those cases, broad match will
continue to work as before, helping more advertisers show up. In fact, now it
might help more ads appear for terms they might not have shown up for in the
past, if the query is deemed commercial in nature.

Google’s blog post says that broad match will show “more” ads for commercial
queries, but that’s “more” relative to the more conservative broad matching
being done for non-commercial queries.

It’s also important to note that the overall number of ads space on Google is
not changing (they’ll remain at a maximum of 11). I’d blogged earlier that this
sounded like it would be the case. Google says definitely not. I’ve updated my
earlier article
on the change
to reflect that, making it now into just and update on the
number of ads that all search engines show.

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