More On Amazon Dumping Google & Missing Paid Listings

Barry noted
yesterday that Amazon’s A9 was no longer carrying Google results. More
important, this means that Amazon itself no longer carries Google’s search
results — and in particular, Google’s paid listings.

Google and Amazon

back in 2003 for Amazon to offer Google searches on the Amazon
site. Google ads also were displayed there. I’m pretty sure at one point, the
Google logo was on Amazon’s home page, along with a search box. Unfortunately,
the Internet Archive simply serves up pages from 2000 no matter what links I try
from the years 2003 through 2005 to check on this.

Anyway, these days, there’s a small A9 Web Search box in the upper right-hand
corner of the Amazon site. Until last week, that box brought back A9 results
that were powered by Google. Now they are powered by Microsoft’s Windows Live

Few people use A9 — but many more use Amazon. How many did web searches at
Amazon is unclear, but in either place, they are no longer seeing the paid
listings that Google
also used
to provide

In addition, I’m also pretty certain that an ordinary Amazon search (which
lots and lots of people do) used to bring up Google paid listings as part of
Amazon search results. Today, I don’t see these at all. Over at Threadwatch,
others report not seeing
these either.

syndicates Search to Amazon
from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has more on
the new Amazon-Microsoft agreement. The issue of who is providing paid listings
isn’t covered, but since the Amazon-Google agreement wasn’t renewed, I’d assume
these are to come from Microsoft.

Amazon Search Finds Microsoft
from the Washington Post also has some details
on the move, including the inspiring answer to whether Amazon felt Microsoft was
providing better search results: "It will be up to users to try that out." So
more a business move than a relevancy issue, fair to say :)

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our SEW Forums thread,
Ditches Google For Microsoft

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our SEW Forums thread,
Ditches Google For Microsoft

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