Philips Bodygroom: Making Ass Shaving Manly

How do you make something as vain as men’s body shaving seem proudly masculine? By associating it with promiscuity, of course, and casting the microsite with a caricature of machismo.

Have a look at the slick yet lowbrow interactive video experience Philips created to promote its Bodygroom hair removal unit for the elimination of back hair, underarm hair, (ahem) etc. It calls to mind another site MTV and Axe set up to promote the show Gamekillers. Both have fixed-frame video elements with characters speaking directly to the camera, all against a paper-white backdrop. Same target audience as well: horny guys 18 to something slightly older than 18.

I haven’t determined what agency created the Bodygroom site, but wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was Glue Society, which did the other. (via threeminds)

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