BMW Sort Of Hits Back At Google In Ad

With Google
over at Google Blogoscoped gives me a chuckle for a variety of
reasons. It shows an ad from BMW saying "The Search For Yourself Doesn’t Run On
Google." The irony! It comes after BMW was banned by Google briefly plus after
Pontiac tapped into the Google brand to sell cars. Specifically:

  • Welcome Back To
    Google, BMW — Missed You These Past Three Days
    covers how Google banned BMW
    Germany for spamming, knocking it out of the index for a few days. I’m sure the
    ad is just a coincidence, but it’s sort of funny to see a pseudo-slam against
    Google following on this.

  • TV Commercial
    "Googles" Pontiac
    covers how Pontiac embraced the Google name, with Google’s
    permission, to help push its cars by tapping into the Google brand positively.
    Now here’s BMW using the Google brand I’d say negatively to push its
    motorcycles. And you’ve got to wonder if they got (or needed) permission to use
    the Google name (it’s only the name used, not the trademarked logo).

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