Why I’ve Never Been To A Class Reunion

I’ve never been to a class reunion. From the looks of things, I’m never going to go to one, either.

A former classmate e-mailed to asking if I’m attending our reunion in June. I had no clue there was one, but I’m considering it. Today, I clicked over to the college’s extensive Web site to register.

But I can’t.

The instructions:

Please sign in using your current last name and your ID number, as printed on your registration materials’ mailing label. (Your 9-digit ID number will start with either A00 or 999.)

Sorry, guys. If I got something in the mail, I ignored it (you mail way to much). When my friend told me about this, she provided no user ID. When I called the alumni office for help, I landed in voice mail. No support’s offered on the site (even though I’m a registered user and logged in to the site).

You want me to pay to attend the reunion (though I can’t learn what the cost is before getting over that registration barrier). No doubt you want me to write a check to the college, too.

So why make registration insurmountable?

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