New SEW Blog Correspondents: Greg Sterling On Local; Detlev Johnson On News & Barry Becomes A Married Chief!

If you’ve read about local search over the past few years, you know the name
Greg Sterling. Greg was a long-time Kelsey analyst who covered the space and
went out on his
last month. Greg’s now going to be posting here on local search items.
Welcome, Greg!

And if you’ve read about search marketing in general, you’ve come across
Detlev Johnson’s name. Former moderator of the famed I-Search mailing list,
Detlev jumped back into the world of search mailing lists by
last year. Detlev’s now coming aboard here to help give Barry
and I a hand on those occasions when we both need to be away, as well as
continuing to fill in for me occasionally on the
Daily SearchCast.

And and….speaking of Barry, you might recall he gained his own little slice
of search history by making the first known wedding proposal via search engine
last year.
Yisha said yes, and Barry’s going to be taking some time off later this month to
get hitched.

I call on everyone who knows Barry to berate him if he dares to show his
virtual face online when he should be on his honeymoon. Barry’s a web addict,
but I hope he’s not going to sneak looks online via his Treo during his

Barry’s also got a bit of history/fame in being the only person I know where
if you type in his name plus the words wedding registry —
barry wedding
— the first result on Google will lead you over to his
gift registry. That’s
due to a case of search engines accidentally trying to buy him stuff, as he
explains more here.

Well for Barry, we have a sort of wedding gift. He’s now Search Engine
Watch’s chief news correspondent, rather than being simply a plain old
ordinary news correspondent. Barry did ask if he could be called “Superman,”
which of course he is, but I didn’t think the title (like Superman himself)
would fly.

As a reminder, if you’re trying to keep track of our SEW family, it’s pretty
easy. Visit the
Search Engine Watch Staff
page! Eventually, I’ll get us all in a group photo

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