New Way To Try Google Health (Maybe)

Garett Rogers reports and Philipp Lenssen reports on a what may appear to be some or all of Google Health, which we suspect will be coming this Wednesday. They both have screen captures of new query refinement that might be related to the expected lunch of Google health. I personally can’t replicate it, but with some digging, Danny and I found a way for you to hit the underlying health filters.

Nico explains that he found a “Refine results” option when searching on a keyword. He snagged the HTML of the page and posted it here. Notice the additional filters:

+ Treatment
+ Research papers
+ From medical establishment
+ Symptoms
+ News
+ Alternative medicine.

Now, if you click on “Alternative medicine” you are taken here, where the query terms change to [migrane more:alternative_medicine] and not a simple search on alternative medicine. You can trigger these yourself, by adding these (i.e. more:condition_symptoms) type of elements to the query string.

It is also very interesting to note that in Philipp’s post he showed that the link the Google Health result refinement takes you to is the same pattern as the refinement mentioned above. The URL he listed was “cx=disease_for_patients,” which is the same as the one you get when you click on this.

So is this a sign of Google Health? Is it a sign of Google refinement OneBox results? Or is Google health using refinement filters?

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