Microsoft To Map The World In Real Time?

The has an interesting article explaining a project at Microsoft named SenseWeb, that will strive to enable Windows Live Local to have real-time mapping and local data. The real-time information, is reportedly going to be up-to-the minute on local gas prices, traffic flows, restaurant wait times, parking information and more. It is important to note that Yahoo maps have been offering real-time traffic reports since at least January 2005. I am interested to see how Microsoft will enable local gas prices, restaurant wait times and parking information into this system.

I personally rarely use Yahoo maps for local traffic data before driving anywhere. But would real-time traffic data be of use to you while you are driving? I suspect I would use it often if it were fully integrated into my GPS system. If it is not integrated into your GPS system or you do not have a GPS system, then maybe TrafficGauge makes sense for you – it is one nice review. I would suspect whatever Microsoft does with SenseWeb, they would have plans to integrate it into their GPS device.

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