Search Headlines & Links: May 9, 2006

Below, a recap of
stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

Today From The SEW Blog…

  • Windows
    Live Adds New Features

    The Windows Live Blog announced changes they have made to The
    changes include;…

  • GeoVector and the Mo-Lo Search ‘Use Case’

    I continue to think about the challenges of mobile-local search, where there
    is arguably a more compelling consumer use case than on the Internet — user
    needs are generally more immediate. Microsoft?s Search GM Erik Jorgensen
    publicly stated that he believed the majority of local searches will
    eventually be conducted on mobile devices. In concept it’s not hard to agree.
    But the question is one of timing and technology. The form factor (hardware),
    the business model and network speeds will all need to come together to drive
    consumer adoption. Once the use cases are established then we can think
  • Google
    Resets Many Inactive AdWords Keywords to Active

    I reported this morning about Google resetting many of the “inactive” keywords
    in a Google AdWords account to the “active” status. Keywords become inactive
    often if the “quality” of those ads are too low, most likely because the
    click-through rate on that keyword is too low. It seems as if Google has reset
    many of the “inactive” keywords in AdWords advertisers campaigns, so they can
    start fresh….
  • Google
    Helps California Earn Record Tax Receipts reports that Google has probably helped the State of California
    bring in record tax receipts for the 2005 year. The article says that
    California brought in “a record $11.3 billion in personal income tax
    receipts,” which was $4.3 billion more than it collected the previous year.
    They attribute a “significant chunk” of the $4.3 billion towards Google
    employees and executives stock in Google, specifically 1/8th or more of the
    total gain. The executives alone could have paid around $450 million in
    capital gains tax on their stock sales of $4.4 billion at the 10.3% state-tax

  • ResourceShelf Offers Real-Time Resource Engines Feature

    Gary Price has launched a new feature at ResourceShelf named “ResourceShelf
    Real-Time.” ResourceShelf Real-Time will provide links to resources, including
    Web resources and desktop/palm/client applications, that “offer real-time or
    near real-time” data and information. In Gary’s first Real-Time post, he links
    to FlightAware, Amtrak Real-Time Train Status, What’s Playing on Sirius
    Satellite Radio Right Now, City of Seattle Real-Time 911 Dispatch and more. So
    if you are a specialty search ‘freak’, I highly recommend you get your fix
    from ResourceShelf Real-Time….
  • Inside
    Google Book Search Blog Launches

    Google has recently launched Inside Google Book Search, the Google Book Search
    blog. The blog will not only keep us informed on Google Book Search product
    announcements, but will also provide Google book search tips. They will also
    highlight books they found useful and enlightening at the blog. Visit the new
    blog at
  • New
    Product Additions for AdSense Referrals & Buttons Get a Makeover

    Google AdSense has launched a couple new products to their AdSense referral
    program, adding Google Pack and Picasso to the list of products that
    publishers can refer new users to. They have also updated the styling of the
    old buttons and added a few new color schemes to the mix as well….
  • Does
    Google Use Whois Information?

    Can whois information be used by a search engine to rank web pages? Is Google
    using whois information in their ranking of web pages? Some research on a
    recent trilogy of Go Daddy patent applications raised those questions in my
    mind. The patent filings involve adding additional reputation information to
    published whois data, and letting others use the information for a number of
    reasons, including letting search engines incorporate that reputation
    information into their ranking mechanisms. This seemed in line with something
    that Google discussed doing last year in Information retrieval based on
    historical data. But, is it something that…

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