Daily SearchCast, May 9, 2006: Yahoo’s New Panama Ad System; Getting Real Time Date; Microsoft’s New Moves In Maps; Googlers Fuel California Tax Revenues & More!

Yesterday’s search podcast is now online Sorry for the delay! It covers details about Yahoo’s new ad system;
Microsoft’s mapping moves; how to get real time data; fighting search spam;
Googlers make California richer — but have they been downgraded from Captain
Crunch to Lt. Crunch and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Yahoo Unveils
    Public Details Of “Panama” Ad System Upgrade

    Yahoo’s finally gone public with details about its
    new “Panama” ad system upgrade, which when launched later this year will bring
    the system up to matching what Google’s long offered, though both Yahoo and
    Google will remain behind Microsoft’s third-generation ad platform “adCenter,”
    launched last week. Details have leaked before, but now Yahoo’s doing the
    talking directly….
  • Google
    Resets Many Inactive AdWords Keywords to Active

    I reported this morning about Google resetting many of the “inactive” keywords
    in a Google AdWords account to the “active” status. Keywords become inactive
    often if the “quality” of those ads are too low, most likely because the
    click-through rate on that keyword is too low. It seems as if Google has reset
    many of the “inactive” keywords in AdWords advertisers campaigns, so they can
    start fresh….

  • AdWords Advertisements Not Censored in Google China

    Google China has censored their search results to
    remove certain sites and listings that are deemed by the Chinese government.
    However, an advertiser has discovered a loophole in the censoring system that
    results in these censored sites showing up in google.cn search results via the
    Google AdWords sponsored listings program….
  • New
    Product Additions for AdSense Referrals & Buttons Get a Makeover

    Google AdSense has launched a couple new products to their AdSense referral
    program, adding Google Pack and Picasso to the list of products that
    publishers can refer new users to. They have also updated the styling of the
    old buttons and added a few new color schemes to the mix as well….

  • New Way To Try Google Health (Maybe)

    Garett Rogers reports and Philipp Lenssen reports
    on a what may appear to be Google Health, which we suspect will be coming this
    Wednesday. They both have screen captures of new query refinement that might be
    related to the expected lunch of Google health. I personally can’t replicate it,
    but with some digging, Danny and I found a way for you to hit the underlying
    health filters….

  • Windows Live QnA In Action

    The MSN Search Blog mentions the new Windows Live
    QnA service and also has a link to the MSN Spaces QnA blog that has details with
    screen shots of the new offering. So if you are interesting in taking a look at
    Microsoft’s answer to Google Answers and Yahoo Answers, visit the QnA blog. We
    had a short brief on this new service on Friday….

  • Microsoft Acquires DeepMetrix To Enhance adCenter Metrics

    ThreadWatch points to a release that shows
    Microsoft has purchased DeepMetrix, a Web analytics company. The purchase is to
    enable Microsoft to “deliver new Web analytics applications in future releases
    of Microsoft adCenter.” Last year Google acquired Urchin, and then renamed it to
    Google Analytics in November and began AdWords integration soon after. Microsoft
    will possibly do the same….
  • New SEW Blog
    Correspondents: Greg Sterling On Local; Detlev Johnson On News & Barry Becomes A
    Married Chief!

  • Microsoft Accelerates Mapping

    Mapping has already become one of the most
    competitive arenas online — a visual version of local search. Barry posted
    earlier about how Microsoft wants to enable dynamic updating of online maps with
    traffic and other local data in real time. Last week, as I posted on my blog,
    the company announced the well-known acquisition of Vexcel corporation. Vexcel
    is a “remote sensing” and mapping company that enables, among other things,
    extremely high resolution aerial photography and 3-D mapping….

  • Microsoft To Map The World In Real Time?

    The TechnologyReview.com has an interesting
    article explaining a project at Microsoft named SenseWeb, that will strive to
    enable Windows Live Local to have real-time mapping and local data. The
    real-time information, is reportedly going to be up-to-the minute on local gas
    prices, traffic flows, restaurant wait times, parking information and more. It
    is important to note that Yahoo maps have been offering real-time traffic
    reports since at least January 2005. I am interested to see how Microsoft will
    enable local gas prices, restaurant wait times and parking information into this

  • ResourceShelf Offers Real-Time Resource Engines Feature

    Gary Price has launched a new feature at ResourceShelf named “ResourceShelf
    Real-Time.” ResourceShelf Real-Time will provide links to resources, including
    Web resources and desktop/palm/client applications, that “offer real-time or
    near real-time” data and information. In Gary’s first Real-Time post, he links
    to FlightAware, Amtrak Real-Time Train Status, What’s Playing on Sirius
    Satellite Radio Right Now, City of Seattle Real-Time 911 Dispatch and more. So
    if you are a specialty search ‘freak’, I highly recommend you get your fix
    from ResourceShelf Real-Time….
  • Inside
    Google Book Search Blog Launches

    Google has recently launched Inside Google Book Search, the Google Book Search
    blog. The blog will not only keep us informed on Google Book Search product
    announcements, but will also provide Google book search tips. They will also
    highlight books they found useful and enlightening at the blog. Visit the new
    blog at http://booksearch.blogspot.com/….

  • Expedia-Hosted Domains Spamming

    SEO Black Hat reports that it appears Expedia
    France is spamming the search engines. What this appear to be are hosted spam
    pages on the expedia.fr domain name. If you do a search at Google for buy viagra
    you will currently notice that buyviagra.blog.expedia.fr is the 2nd result.
    There are many other examples of these pages, in fact, my blog has been denying
    comment spam from all sorts of Expedia France subdomains including
    homeequitylineofcredit.blog.expedia.fr. This may just be some sort of Expedia
    hack, where spammers buy the subdomain from Expedia, to do what they want with
  • Does
    Google Use Whois Information?

    Can whois information be used by a search engine to rank web pages? Is Google
    using whois information in their ranking of web pages? Some research on a
    recent trilogy of Go Daddy patent applications raised those questions in my
    mind. The patent filings involve adding additional reputation information to
    published whois data, and letting others use the information for a number of
    reasons, including letting search engines incorporate that reputation
    information into their ranking mechanisms. This seemed in line with something
    that Google discussed doing last year in Information retrieval based on
    historical data. But, is it something that…

  • Tech Memeorandum Gets New Name: Techmeme

    Memeorandium’s tech page has been on my essential
    reading list since it launched almost two years ago. About the only downside has
    been remembering the name. I’d always be misspelling it. Problem solved. Creator
    Gabe Rivera has given it a new name, Techmeme, and a new domain: techmeme.com. A
    bit more from him on the change here: Goodbye tech.memeorandum, Hello Techmeme….
  • Google
    Helps California Earn Record Tax Receipts

    SFGate.com reports that Google has probably helped the State of California
    bring in record tax receipts for the 2005 year. The article says that
    California brought in “a record $11.3 billion in personal income tax
    receipts,” which was $4.3 billion more than it collected the previous year.
    They attribute a “significant chunk” of the $4.3 billion towards Google
    employees and executives stock in Google, specifically 1/8th or more of the
    total gain. The executives alone could have paid around $450 million in
    capital gains tax on their stock sales of $4.4 billion at the 10.3% state-tax

  • Candygate: Googleplex still has M&M’s
  • Giant C-130 Hercules Plane
    Flying Over The House
  • Tagging My Electrical Plugs
    & Computer Connections

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