Daily SearchCast, May 10, 2006: Yahoo Livesearch: Answers Before You Finish Typing!; Yahoo & Google Seek IE7 Users; Will It Be Google Rather Than Vegemite Sandwich? & More! (Corrected File)

Today’s search podcast covers Yahoo’s new Livesearch feature, which gives you
results before you even finish typing in a query; Yahoo & Telemundo merge web
sites; Yahoo and Google try to woo IE7 users; will Google be more popular than
Vegemite Down Under? and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Yahoo Tests
    Livesearch On AllTheWeb; Google Patent Problem, Perhaps?

    Yahoo’s AllTheWeb service is sporting a new Livesearch feature. It’s pretty
    interesting. As you type into the search box, search results automatically start
    appearing. And more interesting, it’s similar to something Google’s already
    sought to patent….
  • Yahoo En
    Español & Telemundo.com To Merge

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo En Español and Telemundo.com will be
    merging companies. They will be merging the staff and sharing one advertising
    budget. If you visit http://espanol.yahoo.com/ now, you will find both logos at
    the top of the page, representing each company. The reason for the merger is
    because the online Hispanic market is growing extremely quickly and the two
    companies want to take advantage of “the incredible growth of the Hispanic
    marketplace,” today. It appears that the two companies will fold under the Yahoo
  • Yahoo Italy
    Blocking Certain Queries?

    Nathan Weinberg reported and so did I that Yahoo Italy appears to be blocking
    results for certain queries. If you conduct a search on preteen at Yahoo Italy,
    you should notice that no results are returned. Nathan also says if you search
    for the capitalized version no results are returned as well. So is this some
    sort of censorship by Yahoo Italy? If so why? Want to discuss? Join our forum
    thread named Yahoo.it censored for ‘preteen’?…
  • IE7 Users
    Are Prompted To Use Google, Yahoo

    ClickZ reports that they have noticed when using Microsoft’s new browser,
    Internet Explorer 7, and visiting Google, you are prompted with a DTHML popup
    box that says, “Make Google your Search Engine in Internet Explorer.” Is this
    Google’s way of fighting back against their objections of IE7? Google is upset
    that Microsoft sets MSN Search as the default engine on IE7. So if you are using
    IE7 and visit Google, Google will go out of their way to help you switch that
    default to engine to Google Search….
  • Google Bug
    or Webmaster Bug? Google Responds To Shared Server Bug Issue

    Matt Cutts responded to the Google anomaly we reported last week, where Google
    was displaying a different site’s information from the same shared server. In
    short, two sites are hosted on the same server and same IP address. When
    conducting a search that should have brought up Site A, Site B was coming up in
    the SERPs. The issue was technically not on Google’s side, as Matt explained.
    The server folks that set up the server set up the virtual hosting configuration
    incorrectly. So why wasn’t it an issue on Yahoo, MSN or Ask.com? Matt explains
    that Google uses “persistent…
  • Google Ban
    Checker Tool

    This morning, I reported on a tool that allows you to check if you are banned in
    Google. The tool is a desktop application that searches Google using a site:
    command and also checks sites that link to you, to see if they are banned as
    well. You can check out the tool by clicking here. Keep in mind, Google also can
    notify you of some site penalties with Google Sitemaps….
  • Search
    Engine Journal Launches SEO Directory, SEOdex.com

    Search Engine Journal announced the launch of a new directory they just
    purchased named SEOdex. Loren Baker, from Search Engine Journal says he plans
    “on heavily marketing it in the near future on Search Engine Journal and other
    related properties.” You can submit your firm or resource to SEOdex by finding
    the relevant category and clicking on “Add SEO Firm or Resource.”…

  • GeoVector and the Mo-Lo Search ‘Use Case’

    I continue to think about the challenges of mobile-local search, where there
    is arguably a more compelling consumer use case than on the Internet — user
    needs are generally more immediate. Microsoft?s Search GM Erik Jorgensen
    publicly stated that he believed the majority of local searches will
    eventually be conducted on mobile devices. In concept it’s not hard to agree.
    But the question is one of timing and technology. The form factor (hardware),
    the business model and network speeds will all need to come together to drive
    consumer adoption. Once the use cases are established then we can think
  • Yokel
    Launches Local Shopping Search Engine

    Yokel today announced the beta release of it’s local shopping search engine.
    Yokel is run by Scott Randall, former CEO of FairMarket, and Don Zeresky, former
    VP of Products for Lycos. Local search engines, especially local shopping
    engines will continue to be important as most people still research online and
    then buy offline at local retailers. As Scott explained to me, “even people who
    go to online shopping comparison engines still buy offline. 98% of commerce is
    still done locally.” Yokel is set up to solve this problem. Scott continued
    “there seems to be a void. Yokel answers the question,…
  • Windows
    Live Adds New Features

    The Windows Live Blog announced changes they have made to Live.com. The
    changes include;…
  • TiVo
    Getting Into the Ad Serving Business

    While TiVo is well known for allowing television watchers to skip advertising,
    they are hoping they can entice viewers to watch branded advertising that
    provide entertainment value or user interest within the commercials. The
    program, called Product Watch, allows viewers to actually search for ads in
    various categories and there are already has 70 advertisers signed up….
  • Australians
    Fond Of Google; Vegemite Getting Jealous

    The Courier Mail reports that Australians are becoming more found of Google as
    each day pasts. A survey performed by George Patterson Y&R found that Google
    was amongst the top 20 brands in Australia. Supposedly, Vegemite, which I
    never heard of before, is the most popular brand in Australia, but Google is
    gaining on it. Can Google beat out a dark brown, salty food paste made from
    yeast extract, to become the number one brand in Australia?…
  • Vegemite – Wikipedia, the
    free encyclopedia

  • History of Vegemite

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