New Google Desktop Beta Features Google Gadgets

The Inside Google Desktop blog

the release of a new version of
Google Desktop. The new version’s main
feature are Google Gadgets,
some of the many widgets include
Weather Globe,
Google Calendar
and many more.

Developers can also build Google Gadgets themselves, more information on that
at SDK Overview section.
Let’s not forget that Yahoo bought Konfabulator and renamed it to
Yahoo Widgets,
plus I never use Apple’s widgets (i.e.

Postscript From Danny: A few more points not covered in the Google
blog post which are covered as part of
Google Press Day

  • It’s supposed to automatically suggest gadgets to try based on your web
    history. Go to a lot of movie sites? Then it might suggest movie-related
    gadgets, for instance.
  • The new Google Desktop will sync settings across computers, if you sign in
    through a Google Account. It will remember your to do lists, gadget
    preferences and other things regardless of where you are.

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