Google Co-op’s Subscribed Links In Action

I had one of my developers at my company work on a dynamic implementation of the Google Coop Subscribed Links product for my site, the Search Engine Roundtable. I wanted to keep it simple, so I had him design it so that when someone searched on a keyword phrase that matched any of the keywords in my category archives, it would show a “Subscribed Link” in the SERPs. To see it working yourself, you will need to subscribe to my Subscribed Link and then search on specific keyword phrases.

Step 1: Go to my profile page
Step 2: Click the subscribe button.
Step 3: If you are not logged in to your Google Account
Step 4: Confirm your subscription
Step 5: Search at Google on Google AdSense or Search Technology or any of the titles in my category archives.

You will then notice the results that appear are listed as:
[QUERY] at Search Engine Roundtable
[Entry One In Category Queried]
[Entry Two In Category Queried]
[Entry Three In Category Queried]
[URL of Category]

So currently, for the Search Technology search you would see:

If you do not want to subscribe to this by going through the steps above, you can also preview the results by clicking here.

Philipp Lenssen has a good how to implement the Google Coop also.

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