Search Headlines & Links: May 11, 2006

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  • Semel To
    Microsoft: “You Have No Chance”

    The Financial Times has an article with a quote from Yahoo’s CEO, Terry Semel,
    saying “My impartial advice to Microsoft is that you have no chance.” Ouch!
    Semel continues by stating that “the search business has been formed,” in
    response to rumors that Yahoo and Microsoft were to partner or merge. Semel
    did say that he did discuss with Microsoft the possibility of Microsoft
    “co-owning some” of Yahoo’s search. But Semel said that it would not be a wise
    move to sell “your right arm while keeping your left.” Microsoft just does not
    seem to be getting much love these…
  • Daily
    SearchCast, May 11, 2006: Google Trends For Researching What’s Hot & What’s
    Not; Google Co-op, Google’s Big Time Tagging Experiment; Complaints Over
    Commission Cuts & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers new Google products unveiled during yesterday’s
    Press Day, including the hot research tool Google Trends, the “freaky weird”
    mass tagging system of Google Co-op, Google Gadgets for your desktop and a
    coming Google Notebook. Also a look at Google issues with a click fraud
    settlement, pushback on cutting commissions and more! Tune-in by listening to
    this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at
    2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our Odeo channel or through iTunes via
    this link (or use alternative iTunes instructions explained here) or though
    our Yahoo Podcasts channel. Need…
  • Google
    Co-op’s Subscribed Links In Action

    I had one of my developers at my company work on a dynamic implementation of
    the Google Coop Subscribed Links product for my site, the Search Engine
    Roundtable. I wanted to keep it simple, so I had him design it that when
    someone searched on a keyword phrase that matched any of the keywords in my
    category archives, it would show a “Subscribed Link” in the SERPs. To see it
    working yourself, you will need to subscribe to my Subscribed Link and then
    search on specific keyword phrases….
  • “Online
    Seller Advantage Program” Taps Yahoo for Buyer, Seller Data

    Prudential Real Estate is offering a new program as part of its existing
    marketing relationship with Yahoo Real Estate called the ?Online Seller
    Advantage program? (OSA). It?s designed to let sellers? agents convey market
    information to their clients (?real-time updates?) via email. Sellers will be
    able to receive a range of consumer-related and competitive market data….
  • A Closer
    Look at Behavioral Advertising

    Behavioral advertising is getting a lot of buzz lately, particularly as rumors
    of behaviorally targeted search advertising programs gain more traction. While
    none of the major search engines currently offer behavioral targeting, all are
    almost certainly developing programs that will likely be rolled out within the
    next year or two. But there are several other advertising networks that offer
    behavioral targeting today. Want to know more? Read on for Jennifer Slegg’s
    overview of behaviorally targeted ads in today’s SearchDay article, What’s the
    Buzz Behind Behavioral Advertising?….
  • Google Maps
    Marriage Proposal Or Not?

    Nathan Weinberg reports that someone has proposed to his girlfriend via Google
    Maps. If you take a look at the this roof top in Google Maps, you will notice it
    reads, “Will U Marry Me.” But the true question is, was this meant for a fly
    over via plane or helicopter or was it meant to be a proposal via Google
  • Google &
    Yahoo Are Challenged In Mobile Search Space

    A Wall Street Journal article reports that InfoSpace, amongst other startup
    search engines, are providing a challenge for Google & Yahoo in the mobile
    search space. I believe both Yahoo and Google are taking mobile search very
    seriously. The market is still extremely new and there is a lot of opportunity
    for startups to make key partnerships with the carriers….

  • NetworkWorld Talks With Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO of Vivisimo & Clusty

    Gary Price points to a interview with Vivisimo CEO Raul
    Valdes-Perez, of Clusty Search. Clusty uses clustering technology to provide
    results. The NetworkWorld author was convinced, during his interview with Mr.
    Perez, that Google/Yahoo/MSN provide “incomplete results.” Is clustering the
    future of search? Give Clusty a try for yourself. Also, for past articles at
    Search Engine Watch on Clusty click here….
  • Google
    Commission Woes In Sweden, Australia

    Over the past few months, Google’s been trying to reduce or eliminate commission
    on its ad products in countries where they are offered (North America, notably,
    has never had them). Now there are some news reports that the plans aren’t well
    received Down Under and in Sweden….
  • Finding
    European Flights On The Move

    Stuck in a European airport and looking for a cheap flight while on the move?
    Skyscanner has got a new tool for you — a mobile-friendly version of its site,
    Skyscanner Mobile….
  • New Google
    AdWords Traffic & Cost Estimator

    Google AdWords has finally launched a standalone tool where advertisers can
    get traffic and cost information for keywords without needing to login to their
    AdWords accounts to do so. Data included in the results are keywords/minimum
    bid, maximum CPC/predicted status, search volume, estimated average CPC,
    estimated ad positions, potential clicks per day and potential cost per day….
  • Advertiser
    Files Complaint To Block Google Click Fraud Settlement

    One Google advertiser is making a very formal rejection of the proposed
    Google click fraud settlement — he’s filed a complaint to try and block the
    agreement, and this before notifications from Google have even gone out….
  • Online Ad
    Spending Continues to Grow

    During the Dot Com Boom, many companies planned their online revenue models
    around free services supported by advertising, and for many, this model didn’t
    pan out because many traditional ad agencies – and their big brand, big spend
    clients – did not embrace the online advertising opportunities available at the
    time. However, a new article from CNET reports on the current status of online
    advertising, including how it has cycled back to a point where many new services
    are expected to be supported through online advertising and where big brands are
    a major part of the expected growth of online…
  • Google
    Destination Guides: Not Much There — Yet

    A part of Google Co-op, “Destination Guides” was promoted as ?Google City
    Guides? at Google Press Day today. And while everything about Co-op has been
    officially qualified as a ?work in progress,? this is something of a
    disappointment ?- as are many of the content areas and the general
    user-experience of Co-op. Danny has a more complete write up of Co-op here.
    Co-op is an ambitious project, not unlike Base, to create verticals, add
    structured and user-generated content and make the search experience more
    personalized. If you want to create your own “vertical search engine,” which is
    one of the…
  • My Big Fat
    Google Press Day 2006 Round-Up

    We’ve blogged a number of items out of Google Press Day today. I wanted to recap
    them below, along with coverage from across the web that’s beginning to flow in.
    I’ll likely update this page over the next day, as well. New items will be
    posted below old stuff and flagged, or we’ll do postscripts, to help those who
    keep checking back. Let’s go!…
  • Google
    Co-op: Add Your Own Vertical Search To Google

    Google said it would have a health-related announcement at today’s Google Press
    Day — but no, it’s not Google Health. Instead, it’s Google Co-op, a way for
    people to create specialized search engines by tapping into the main Google
    index or the option for searchers to pick preferred vertical search providers to
    show up in Google OneBox results. Yes, health information is one of the new
    features — but this is more than Google Health. This is Google making a giant
    and somewhat perplexing leap into mass tagging….
  • Fun With
    Google Trends

    Danny just posted about Google Trends, a service of Google that shows you search
    volume trends over time for a keyword or for multiple keywords. I thought it
    would be fun to ask Google Trends which search engine, of the top four, is the
    most popular, in terms of search volume. So I queries Google Trends for Google,
    Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN (keep in mind ask jeeves is now I also thought
    it would be fun to pin Apple vs. Windows vs. Linux. So let’s see what Google
    Trends had to say……
  • Google
    Trends: Peer Into Google’s Database Of Searches

    Now live via Google Labs is a new Google Trends service, announced today as part
    of Google Press Day. The service allows you to tap into Google’s database of
    searches, to determine what’s popular. For example, do a trends query on cars,
    and you can see the volume of queries over time, by city, regions, languages and
    so on….
  • Google
    Notebook Comes Next Week

    Announced today as part of Google Press Day is a new Google Notebook service to
    go live via Google Labs next week. The service will allow you to add notes to
    search results, which in turn can be saved into one or more notebooks. Notes you
    make about a site also will show up when you visit those sites, similar to how
    the A9 Your Diary feature works. Yahoo and Ask also offer the ability to add
    notes associated with search results….
  • New Google
    Desktop Beta Features Google Gadgets

    The Inside Google Desktop blog announced the release of a new version of Google
    Desktop. The new version’s main feature are Google Gadgets, some of the many
    widgets include Weather Globe, Google Calendar and many more….

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