Search Headlines & Links: May 12, 2006

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  • Search
    Forums Roundup: May 12, 2006

    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links
    to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: Dear Matt
    Cutts, I Want To Know About… Yahoo and Telemundo in Online Deal to Grab More
    Latino Internet Users – Two Emerging SEO Certification Programs – Are Meta
    Tags Still Necessary? – Microsoft Invests in Analytics Firm DeepMetrix, and

  • Adds Inline Editing

    The blog announced that they have added a few more features,
    including inline bookmark editing and prettier URLs. The changes enable users
    “edit and arrange your bookmarks much more quickly” and enhance the ability to
    “get at the conversation around the links.” More details at the

  • Microsoft Fires Back at Google Over IE7 Complaint reports that Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, feels Google is asking
    for special treatment with the whole controversy on IE7 defaulting the search
    to MSN Search. Ballmer explains that if you configured IE to use Yahoo search,
    then when you upgrade to IE7, Yahoo will remain as the default. Only when you
    get a new computer, will the default search be MSN Search. Also, if you want
    to change that, the first option in the list is, since the search
    engines are sorted alphabetically. More food for thought off Danny’s last
    comment on this….
  • 5% Of
    Search Results Lead To “Dangerous Sites”

    Andy Beal reports on a Wall Street Journal article that claims 9% of paid
    search ads lead to “dangerous sites.” Three-percent of organic results lead to
    risky sites, in comparison to the PPC ads. So on average, the article shows
    that “roughly 5% of the search results on average were risky sites.” The
    SiteAdvisor study estimates a searcher will click to an “unsafe site from a
    search engine once every 15 days.” Risky sites are defined as sites that can
    “infect consumers’ personal computers or expose them to nuisances such as spam
    email.” Postscript by Detlev Johnson: You can find…
  • Google’s
    CEO & Founders Keep Control Over Google reports that Google has kept the criticized dual class stock
    ownership structure. The dual structure gives Class B stockowners 10 votes per
    share, where Class A stock owners have 1 vote per share. Guess who the only
    Class B stockowners are today? You got it, only the CEO Eric Schmidt and
    founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. More details on the politics involved at….
  • Gmail
    Adds “Gmail Pictures”

    Garett Rogers reports that Gmail has announced the addition of Gmail Pictures.
    Gmail pictures allows you to add a picture of yourself or for your contacts.
    To add your own picture follow this instructions, to add a picture for your
    contacts follow this instructions. You can also define who can and cannot see
    your picture, more on that here….
  • Preview
    Of Google Notebook

    Google will be launching Google Notebook next week, but if you want to take a
    sneak peek, you can so. Philipp Lenssen found several screen captures released
    on Flickr already….

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