’s New User Interface & Adds New Features has released a new user interface
for its search results page. As you begin typing your query, it does the whole
Google Suggest, LookAhead, AllTheWeb LiveSearch auto complete
suggested query
. Then you submit your query and the interface snaps (literally) into a
two column view. On the left are the search results and on the right is a
preview of the landing page of the result selected on the left. This is a more,
in your face approach to’s
, that allows you to mouse over to see a site preview. For the
full release, download the

Postscript From Danny: See also
search engine blurs the lines of advertising
from the Associated Press,
which covers issues raised over whether Snap is doing proper disclosure of paid
listings. Meanwhile,

Overture Founder Starts Pay-Per-Action System
from the San Jose Mercury news
covers the move to a cost-per-action payment system for ads.

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