Search Headlines & Links: May 15, 2006

Below, a recap of
stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

Today From The SEW Blog…

  • eBay To
    Test TV Ad System; Not Google

    MediaPost reports that eBay was awarded the bid to test an online auction system
    for buying and selling TV ads. The Association of National Advertisers announced
    today that they “will work with its membership to explore opportunities around
    the development of an Online Media Exchange.” Those on the testing committee are
    listed here. Forbes has a nice recent article from last week on the
    possibilities of this happening. What happened to Google providing this system?
    I guess eBay was more qualified….
  • Planet
    Discover Acquisition a Potential ‘Turning Point’ for Newspapers

    I spoke this morning with Terry Millard, CEO of local-search vendor Planet
    Discover. As has now been widely reported, the company was purchased last week
    for an undisclosed sum by Gannett, which is now the nation?s largest newspaper
    publisher in terms of number of publications and revenues. Millard and his
    brother, who is the CTO, will stay on. Gannett intends to operate the company
    like PointRoll, as a separate entity. Planet Discover is behind ?integrated
    search? at three Gannett publications and many more newspapers, as the industry
    tries to confront adoption of the Internet for lookups that used to be…
  • Indeed Job
    Search Moves Ads Out Of Beta & Q&A With CEO, Paul Forster

    Indeed, a job search engine, announced last week that it officially launched its
    pay per click network (the system had been in beta since mid-2005). CEO Paul
    Forster sat down with me for an introduction to the company: “The job search
    market is very fragmented. There are 1000s of different places to search which
    makes it very difficult for seekers to do a comprehensive search. Indeed saves
    people time, enables people to find unique jobs, and also to find sources of
    jobs that they normally wouldn?t have heard of. We?ve put a lot of work into the
    search algorithm.” Read…
    New User Interface & Adds New Features has released a new user interface for its search results page. As you
    begin typing your query, it does the whole Google Suggest, LookAhead, AllTheWeb
    LiveSearch auto complete AJAX thing. Then you submit your query and the
    interface snaps (literally) into a two column view. On the left are the search
    results and on the right is a preview of the landing page of the result selected
    on the left. This is a more, in your face approach to’s Binoculars, that
    allows you to mouse over to see a site preview. For the full release, download
    the PDF…
  • A SEO
    Crossword Puzzle

    SEO Scoop posted a link to a fun SEO Crossword Puzzle that I thought you guys
    would enjoy. I am flying through the answers as I type this….
  • Yahoo
    Answers Hits 10 Million Mark; Answes Creeping Into Regular Search Results

    Yahoo patted themselves on the back for reaching the 10,000,000 answer posted
    on Yahoo Answers. Part of that announcement was the fact that Yahoo Answers are
    appearing both organically and through vertical means into the search results.
    As SEO Book also points out a search on best dog for apartment will show few
    results from Yahoo Answers in the organic listings. Also a search on harley
    davidson will show a Yahoo Shortcut at the bottom of the results page to Yahoo
  • Google Hires
    SEM For “Better Conversations” With Webmasters

    Matt Cutts, the bridge between Google & SEMs, has announced the hire of Adam
    Lasnik, an old time affiliate marketer and SEO, to help Matt with the
    communication between Webmasters and Google. Adam said his role will be the
    “Webmaster Advocate” at Google, pushing for Webmaster needs and concerns. He
    calls himself the “MiniMatt,” attending SEM conferences, replying to
    Google-related blog or forum posts, responding to some Google e-mails, and more.
    So now Matt can finally take a vacation….
  • Advertise
    Google Base Listings in AdWords

    Google Base blog announced that you can now advertise your Google Base
    results “right from the Google Base edit item page.” You create the ad creative
    and Google will use your content and geo information to automatically target the
    appropriate keywords and geographic users for the items you are selling on
    Google Base. You can see a screen capture of this in action by clicking here….
  • Google
    Releases Version Four of AdWords API

    The Google AdWords Blog announced the release of version four of the Google
    AdWords API. Part of this update is that the new terms of use goes into affect,
    that we discussed earlier about using the API for commercial purposes. If you
    are an API user, you must update to v4 by July 12th….
  • Google Ad
    Tools, For Newbies

    We tend to assume our SEW audience is made up of fairly sophisticated search
    marketers, but from time-to-time we get requests for pointers from people just
    starting out with SEM. For those of you who are new to search marketing, I’ve
    reviewed a book in today’s SearchDay article, Learning Google’s Advertising
    Tools, that offers a solid introduction to getting started with Google’s AdSense
    and AdWords programs….
  • IE7 Default
    Search Given Approval By DOJ

    Hot News! After all the debate the Department of Justice has approved IE7 to
    default to MSN Search. The news report says that Microsoft’s search feature
    “respects users’ and OEM’s [original equipment manufacturers] default choices
    and is easily changed.” Is that the end of that debate? I doubt it….

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

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