Search Headlines & Links: May 16, 2006

Below, a recap of
stories posted yesterday to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

Yesterday From The SEW Blog…

  • Submit
    Your Google Subscribed Links!

    Google’s new subscribed links are pretty cool. The only problem is that people
    are creating them but the official Google Subscribed Links Directory doesn’t
    yet list them. So let’s give them a helping hand. Got your own subscribed link
    you want to tell the world about? Post them in our Search Engine Watch Forums
    thread, Unofficial Google Subscribed Links List. Looking for a subscribed link
    to try? Check out that thread, as well. Need to know more about subscribed
    links? Try reading: Official Google Guide To Using & Subscribing To Subscribed
    Links   Google Co-op: Add Your Own Vertical Search…
  • Google’s
    Indexing Timeline

    Matt Cutts of Google posted an entry named Indexing timeline. The entry
    explains how Google crawls and indexes Web sites, these days. Most of it is in
    response to some of the recent issues reported about Google dropping pages
    from the index. Matt gives a general overview, digs deeper into the process
    and history and then provides some examples. I cannot summarize it for you
    now, but it is worth a read if you have time….
  • Ask
    Binoculars Improving Search Results?

    On its surface, the Binoculars feature in search results at seems to
    only provide a preview of a page that you can visit. But, there may be more
    going on beneath the surface than a simple preview. There are attributes of
    this preview that may not have been rolled out yet, and the way that people
    interact with Binoculars might help the search engine improve their search
    results. A patent granted today for has more details….
  • SEMs
    Accusing Yahoo Of Stealing Clients?

    I reported this morning that folks over at WebmasterWorld have had their
    clients stolen from them by Yahoo Search Marketing representatives. I would
    not doubt that Yahoo unintentionally pitched its service to these clients –
    but that does not make it OK. Yahoo as should Google, who has past been
    accused of doing the same thing, have a policy of checking with the client
    that he is not already a customer of a preexisting SEM….

  • Citysearch: Act II

    Citysearch is a little like a house that was built in the country and now the
    suburbs have grown up around it. It was one of the early local search sites,
    debuting in 1996 and eventually buying its chief rival, Microsoft?s Sidewalk
    (they probably regret that move now). Digital Cities (now AOL City Guide) was
    the other main competitor. In the early days Citysearch spent lavishly on
    editorial content (yours truly was a freelancer for Citysearch a time). That
    all changed with the dot-com crash in 2000 and the need to drive toward
    profitability, which the site has now reached….
  • Yahoo
    Finance Badges Pre-Beta

    The folks at Yahoo Finance provided me early access to Yahoo Finance Badges.
    The badges enable you to post financial data, such as stock quotes, charts and
    news on your site. Here is a step-by-step walk through of setting up a Yahoo
    Finance badge….
  • Study:
    Online Borrowers Often Searched Before Applying for Loan

    A new study from Compete, Inc. and Forrester Research found that consumers who
    applied online for home loans were more likely to have used search and product
    selector tools?nearly one in five used search, compared with only 7 percent of
    all loan prospects. The study, “Online Mortgage Shoppers’ Paths To Purchase:
    Navigational And Survey Data Uncovers How Prospects Use Sites,” looked at the
    behavior of millions of users as they searched, researched, and applied for
    mortgage loans. Another key finding: While many applicants used the internet
    for research but then went offline to apply via the phone or in person,…
  • Mike
    Grehan Podcast With Google’s Matt Cutts

    Can’t wait for my podcast with Matt Cutts today? Mike Grehan has just posted a
    75 minute interview in two parts with Matt that’s well worth listening to.
    They cover issues such as cloaking, “site links” (those little links you
    sometimes see below the first result), non-indexed links still ranking well
    and more. Mike’s summarized some info in his ClickZ column, Google’s Matt
    Cutts: The Big Interview, and links to the podcasts are at the end. As I said,
    it’s great listening — I’ve just finished them both. I’ll make sure for my
    podcast today with Matt that we go…

  • News Search Powered By Windows Live

    The MSN Search Blog noted last night that is now powered by Windows
    Live Search. If you perform a search at, such as on pentagon you
    will notice that it divides the “most recent” and “full search.” The MSN
    Search team explained that the implementation of this new search feature was
    “pretty simple” for them to get up and running….
  • Tuoc
    Luong,’s Senior VP of Engineering Leaves reports that Tuoc Luong, the Senior Vice President of
    Engineering and Product Management at have left to join Zazzle. Tuoc
    Luong was appointed the post back on February 13, 2002 but has decided to
    leave due to “changes in the technology organization structure,” an spokesperson told me. This was a planned move discussed towards the
    end of 2005. At least he didn’t join Yahoo or another search company like the
    CEO did….
  • Firefox
    To Add Search Suggestions To Search Toolbar

    Gary Price spotted that Firefox will be adding search suggestions in the
    Firefox search box from Google and Yahoo. Search suggestions is becoming very
  • Google
    Notebook Live

    Just a quick note that Google Notebook is now live at
    As an FYI, Google Notebook is only available for Firefox and Internet Explorer
    at this time. I may have more on this later. Explore and Enjoy!…
  • New
    Yahoo Home Page Available

    We’ve written before about the new home page that Yahoo’s been testing. Now
    it’s available for anyone to try here. I definitely like it better than the
    old page — it feels far less busy. Of course, people who are comparing it to
    Google’s pure search look won’t be impressed, if that’s what they prefer.
    Never fear. Yahoo’s long had its own pure search page that is still available.
    Yahoo writes more about the new home page on its blog here. Richard MacManus
    has a review here, along with a podcast interview with two execs about the
  • Google
    Loses New Chef

    Steve Petusevsky, one of the two head chefs Google hired last month after a
    much publicized 18 month hunt, has apparently left the company. The news came
    in a post to a mailing list for former Google employees. I haven’t yet
    confirmed this with Google. I’ll check tomorrow and postscript if it turns out
    NOT to be the case….

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

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